They are a blessing to all the autistic children..

My son Daniel attended 'Milestones' from 2013 to 2015. These two years proved to be very important in his life. As an early intervention center, Milestones provided him with group and one to one therapy in a conducive and extremely supportive environment. Though he had attended a similar school in Abu Dhabi, it was at Milestones that Daniel opened up and started making friends.

He loved getting up in the morning, taking his school bag and setting off to meet his new found friends at the school. I am forever grateful for the love, compassion and professional care extended to Daniel by Raina and her team. They have a sincere love for the children under their care and work tirelessly to bring out their potential.

I wish Milestones continued success. They are a blessing to all the autistic children under their care.

- Mrs. Gladys D'souza


Remarkable way of providing therapy..

My son Sohan Hegde (5.5yrs old) is enrolled in milestones since may 2018, ever since I have observed vast changes and improvement in him. All the credit goes to Mrs. Raina Rodrigues and Mrs Vidya for their remarkable way of providing therapy to our kids which covers their language, social skills, gross and fine motor skills, imitation and labeling skills, intra verbal skills, math skills, reading and writing skills etc tailored in an hour's programme everyday which is truly commendable. This approach is helping sohan to be streamlined with other normal kids at school.

Mrs Raina as a person is very warm and experienced in handling autistic kids. Her approach is way too different from the regular so called "money making" institutions. She thrives hard to correct and guide us on "how to bring up an autistic kid?" by giving us much needed emotional support in a holistic way.

I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude and wish them success in all their endeavors.

Thanks and regards,

Dr.Shilpa Hegde


compassionate and dedicated young woman..

Mrs Raina Rodriguez has been known to me since 2009.. I first met her when she attended a workshop I was conducting. She later got herself further trained by me at Sunshine.

I find Raina to be a compassionate and dedicated young woman with a strong commitment towards the cause of children with special needs. She constantly makes an effort to keep herself updated in the field. I have referred children to her and have been happy with the work she has done.

- Dr Vanitha Rao

Autism Consultant & Founder Director,

Sunshine Autism Trust, Bangalore

Milestones Autism & Early Intervention Centre

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